Come celebrate Liverpool Fire’s 125th anniversary

by Jonathan Hagenmayer July 11th


congratulations to FF Fletcher

by Jonathan Hagenmayer April 10th

Liverpool Fire Department would like to congratulate F.F. Nick Fletcher on his employment as an Onondaga County Fire Investigator. Nick has been a Bunk-In with Liverpool for 2 yrs as he completed his fire protection degree. He is the first Bunk-In to be employed by the county investigation team. He is also the youngest employee hired to the investigation team! Liverpool Fire is proud on Nick and wishes him well on his career path!


Probationary Class

by Jonathan Hagenmayer March 22nd

Liverpool Fire Dept is currently utilizing in house training to prepare probationary firefighters for their NYS firefighter class. Every week a group of officers teach a different class to familiarize them with firefighting operations. This weeks class was mask confidence, search and rescue. This weeks instructors were Capt. Matthew Manley , LT Dawn Zogg , LT Zach Paparo and LT Tony Albanese.

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Truck 2 to Hinsdale for a fire.

by Jonathan Hagenmayer March 4th

Liverpool Truck 2 (Lt. Ingram) was alerted for a reported multiple occupancy fire in Hinsdale. Truck 2 arrived first due to find a 3 story apartment building charged with smoke. After gaining entry to the basement the crew found a active dryer fire spreading to the areas around it. The crew from truck 2 utilized a water can to extinguish and contained the fire to the primary appliance of origin. Truck 2 was in service after almost 2 hours of working on the scene.






Liverpool Truck 2 and Engine 3 to Solvay

by Jonathan Hagenmayer February 17th

Liverpool Engine 3 (Capt. Whelen) was called on a second alarm assignment to Solvay for a industrial fire on Milton Ave. Engine 3 participated in a long water relay to get supply line to multiple elevated master streams. Liverpool Truck 2 (Capt. Laakso) was called to the scene on a third alarm assignment. Truck 2 assembled on the A/B corner, established a water supply from Howlett Hill’s Engine and flew the bucket to provide one of 7 elevated master streams to combat the fire. Crew rotated out of the bucket periodically due to the cold weather. Truck 2 and Engine 3 operated for approximately 3 hours at the scene.














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Engine 3 to Belgium Cold Springs

by Jonathan Hagenmayer February 17th

Liverpool Engine 3 (FF Kammer) was alerted for a reported garage fire in Begium Cold Springs. Upon arrival the chief found a fully involved garage and signaled a “99” working fire. Engine 3 primarily assigned as RIT arrived second due and assisted with extinguished. Car (D/C Ormsby) accompanied Engine 3 at the scene.


Vehicle Fire

by Jonathan Hagenmayer February 17th

Liverpool Units were alerted for a vehicle Fire at Long branch and Route 370. Upon arrival Engine 3 found a single vehicle in the snow bank with fire from under the hood. The fire was quickly extinguished and the units were in service within the hour. Engine 1 (LT Schaffer) and Engine 2 (LT Ingram) assisted at the scene.




by Jonathan Hagenmayer February 17th

Liverpool units were alerted for a MVC with injuries on 81 North at the Thruway. Upon arrival Engine 5 ( LT.Ingram) found 2 vehicles in traffic with heavy damage to both. Car 2 (D/C Ormsby) arrived to assume command. One patient was treated and transported while another was extricated using the Jaws of life by Rescue 1 (Capt. Manley). Unites were in service within the hour.



Truck 2 to North Syracuse

by Jonathan Hagenmayer February 17th

Liverpool Truck 2 (LT Ingram) was alerted to go mutual aid for a reported industrial fire in North Syracuse with smoke in the building. Upon arrival the truck crew was sent to the roof where a over heated fan motor was discovered.


Water Rescue 3 For Sale!

by Jonathan Hagenmayer February 13th

Minimimum bid is $2,000.00
Bids are due 2/28/14 by close of business

Runs good
Might have minor air leak – unknown at this time.
Sold as-is, where is.
Does not come with any equipment seen in pictures (boat, motor & trailer only)
Must be picked up within 7 days of bid acceptance.
If private buyer, must be a certified check or cash
Questions – Brandon Martuscello @ 315 – 457- 1294

Trailer is a 1991 Krisit Flatbed Trailer
Boat is Achilles Inflatable Craft (assumed to be the same year) with a Solid Flat Bottom
Motor is a 25HP Mercury Outboard




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