Liverpool uses Narcan to help revive overdose victim

by Nate Cisne March 4th


Under the direction of Deputy Chief Ormsby, Liverpool Fire Department recently added intranasal Narcan to all three Rescues.  Narcan is a medication used to reverse drug overdoses, which have been on the rise in Upstate New York.

On February 11th, at 10:58am, Liverpool was dispatched to the Ramada Inn on Buckley Rd for an unconscious person.  Rescue 2 (FF/EMT’s Laakso and Goodnough) and M-1 (Lt./Paramedic Cisne) were first onscene and found a male in respiratory arrest, with signs and symptoms of a drug overdose.  Liverpool members immediately began providing stabilizing care, and intranasal Narcan was administered.  Liverpool members assisted providers from Rural/Metro ambulance in successfully reviving the patient

This was the first use of Narcan by the Liverpool Fire Department and, in addition to the automatic CPR devices recently added to all three Rescues, is an example of the progressive standard that Liverpool Fire Department strives to maintain in responding to EMS calls.

Working Housefire in the Village

by Nate Cisne February 25th

At 12:05 on Wednesday, February 25th, units from Liverpool, Moyers Corners, Mattydale, and Baldwinsville Fire Departments were dispatched to 122 Memphis Street for a reported housefire.  Liverpool Car 2 [Ormsby] arrived at the end of dispatch to find a single story house with heavy smoke showing, and shortly thereafter a ‘Signal 99′ was given for a working housefire.  Onondaga County Fire Control advised that the address was flagged due to ‘hoarder’ conditions inside the residence.  Liverpool Engine 3 [FF Bertholf] was first arriving and quickly advanced a handline to side ‘B’ and began an interior attack.  Engine 1 [Capt. Vassallo] arrived next and secured a water supply.  Truck 2 [Lt. Cisne] arrived shortly thereafter and began horizontal ventilation and assisting with handline advancement.  Engine 5 [Capt. Zogg] arrived and advanced a second handline into the structure.  Moyers Corners Engine 31 arrived and began assisting with handline advancement and extinguishment, and Moyers Corners Rescue 3 arrived and set-up RIT operations.  Mattydale Quint 3 arrived and began vertical ventilation operations.  Crews were hampered by not only heavy fire loading and multiple vehicles in the yard, but also by over a foot of snow present on the property.  Command made the decision to temporarily transition to exterior operations due to heavy fire load, deteriorating interior conditions, and limited progress by companies operating inside the structure.  Crews successfully evacuated the structure as heavy fire began venting from the ‘C’ and ‘D’ sides of the residence.

After operating defensively for a short time, multiple companies moved back into the residence to resume extinguishment and begin extensive opening-up and overhaul.  Additional companies from Belgium Cold-Springs, and Seneca River were brought into the scene to relieve first alarm companies.  Eventually, an excavator was moved in to begin demolition of the rear of the structure in order to locate and extinguish remaining pockets of fire.   An excellent job was done by all companies who operated in difficult conditions for several hours, as well as thanks to all companies who covered Liverpool’s three stations during the fire.

Additional units operating onscene included Liverpool Rescues 1, 2, 3, and Squad 2.



Liverpool Fire Hosts First Aid and CPR Class

by admin February 24th

Liverpool Fire Department hosted a CPR and First Aid class at Station 1 taught by FF Carol Christiansen and FF Rabin Stolusky for some of our new and existing memebers on Saturday, February 21.  There were 10 people in attendance for the CPR and 5 for the First Aid.  Studies by the American Heart Association show that effective bystander CPR provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival, so something as simple as CPR can make a huge impact in cases of cardiac arrest.  A big thanks to both instructors!




A Busy Night for LFD

by admin February 17th

It was a busy night for Liverpool Fire Department, with five calls coming in over the span on an hour and a half. At 17:02 Rescue-2 (FF Laakso) was dispatched to an EMS call. Shortly after returning to service, Rescue-2 (FF Laakso) was again dispatched for another EMS call at 17:49 to assist the ambulance. At 17:57 Engine-3 (FF Gerfin) and Car-1 (Chief Loucks) were dispatched to a fire alarm call on Eastgate Circle. At 18:02 Rescue-3 (Lt. Paparo), Engine-5 (FF Corey Warren), Car-2 (Chief Ormsby) and Moyers Corners Rescue-3 were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on Oswego Rd. At 18:21 Engine-5 (FF Corey Warren) and Car-2 (Chief Ormsby) were again dispatched along with Truck-2 (FF Connor Warren) and Engine-3 (FF Albanese) to respond to a Carbon Monoxide alarm call on Glendale Ave. All units were back in service by 1900 hours.

Liverpool responds to working housefire in Baldwinsville

by Nate Cisne February 11th

On February 11th at 15:12, the Baldwinsville Fire Department was dispatched along with mutual aid companies for a reported housefire at 26 River St.  The first arriving Baldwinsville chief arrived to find a two-story residence with heavy smoke showing, and a ‘Signal 99′ was transmitted for a working fire.  Liverpool Engine 3 [FF Albanese] and Engine 5 [Capt. Zogg] responded as the rapid intervention companies, and stoodby as RIT as the fire was extinguished.

Commercial Building Fire – 4933 Hopkins Rd

by Nate Cisne January 29th

Liverpool units were alerted for a structure fire around 20:15 hours on Thursday, January 29th. Car 2 (D/C Ormsby) arrived to initially report nothing visible until a window failed, feeding the fire. Engine 1 (FF Shaeffer) arrived first due deploying a handline to the structure extinguishing the fire. Engine 3 [FF Bertholf] arrived shortly thereafter, with Engine 2 [FF Warren] arriving and assisting with extinguishment.  Multiple other units operated at the scene providing assistance.

Liverpool Fire Dept. Responds to 3 Alarm Fire in Camillus

by admin January 17th

Liverpool Fire Dept Assists DEC with Deer Trapped on Ice

by admin January 13th

Liverpool Fire Dept. 2014 Year In Review

by admin December 31st
YouTube Preview Image

Liverpool Fire Department 2014 year in review banquet video. A tribute to past Chief Smith can be found starting around 3:30. Congratulations to Chief Smith and his years of dedication to the Liverpool Fire Department. Thanks Chief!

Come celebrate Liverpool Fire’s 125th anniversary

by Jonathan Hagenmayer July 11th